How to write a publishable article

Failure to correct at this stage may cost you your academic reputation.

How to Write a Publishable Social Scientific Research Article: Exploring Your “Process”

Every manuscript can benefit from honest input from readers. Make a habit of cross-checking all the information in the Abstract to the text, tables, and figures as part of your final review before submitting your paper to the journal.

Arguments from advocates in favor of banishing the classic assay; Comments from Nancie Atwell, founder of the Center for Teaching and Learning; Comments about good writing teachers; Impact of computers on children.

The Results section is for communicating these findings in an easily understood manner. Soon, you should receive the page proofs.

In the days before the internet, we did not spend much time selecting keywords for journal articles. The act of writing itself is a process that can expose alternatives in the structure of an argument and it can even spawn a new level of understanding of your subject matter Zinsser Which ones do not.

Have you stated the specific purpose of your paper at the end of your Introduction. These details will help readers understand whether your sample is appropriate and to which groups your results and conclusions may be generalized. Identify your audience and eventual publishing venue. Identify your audience and eventual publishing venue.

Depending on the topic and type of the manuscript this may be longer than the original manuscript. PlagiarismdotOrg [Last accessed on Jan 22]. I got one published article from my masters in Agriculture and four from my masters in Marital and Family Therapy.

Begin the Discussion with the answer to the question you posed in the Introduction. Writing an article can be a reality with appropriate efforts and approach.

Never merely reiterate your results. Already published areas may be mentioned in brief with appropriate citation. Journals may consider these recommendations to improve the review process.

Although initially it may appear to be an insurmountable task, diligent organizational discipline with a little patience and perseverance with input from mentors should lead to the preparation of a nearly perfect publishable manuscript even by a novice.

They may be asked by association. Each publication outlet will have instructions that will help you decide on the scope of the piece you write and submit.

Finish with suggestions for future investigation in the area of your study. Results Have you stated the overall answer to the purpose of the study in Results.

Do not make them work to figure out what you are trying to say, or what the structure of your story is. Materials and Methods Have you described all selection criteria in your Methods?.

Remainder of the article will now cover step by step hints for writing a publishable cytopathology manuscript. In general, it is similar to writing any other scientific manuscript with various stages such as brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing ultimately leading to a publishable manuscript.

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Jan 31,  · This article is primarily directed towards junior scholars seeking some general guidance in writing a publishable cytopathology manuscript. Although this article mainly concerns research papers, the broad principles are applicable to other areas of pathology and science in general.

How to Write a Publishable Paper as a Class Project This web site shows how to write a publishable article by beginning with the replication of a previously published article.

Following the advice here constitutes a central assignment for my class, Advanced Quantitative Research Methodology. Jan 31,  · How to write an article: Preparing a publishable manuscript! Writing an article can be a reality with appropriate efforts and approach. Once we decide to write on the topic of Documents Similar To How to Write an Article- Preparing a Publishable Manuscript!

(3) Literature Survay. Uploaded by. Click on the title of the article and a page will open to the journal website in which the article is published.

Writing a Publishable Journal Article: A Perspective From the Other Side of the Desk

There you will find all the citation information and the abstract as well as an offer to buy the article.

How to write a publishable article
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